Finally, The End is Near

The Sun sets on Lake Michigan

Yesterday my ex-husband texted me. Normally, this makes me roll my eyes and grunt out a couple words in response. This time, though, it was good news. After shuffling his feet, my ex is finally ready to get our divorce official. After a long, slow wait I may have my freedom at last.

My ex-husband is the king of procrastinating. The man would take a two hour shower if he knew we had to be somewhere in 30 minutes. All through my pregnancies I was never on time to a doctors appointment because he would not get around until five minutes before we had to be there. So it was no surprise that the divorce was going to be slow going as well, even with his new girlfriend hot on his heels to hurry up and marry her.

According to his text, in February we meet up to file our final joint taxes and make the last payment to the lawyer. Then I'm on the road to having this train wreck approved by the state.

Ahhh, sweet freedom.

We have been apart for so long I sometimes forget that we're not yet officially divorced. He was slipping away before the words ever came, and as soon as he found a girl who did not mind sleeping with a married man he jumped the track. I've been doing this solo-parenting gig for long enough. It's time to make it official.

I've been trying to decide what to do to celebrate the end of my marriage. Male strippers come to mind, but I think that's just the va-va-voom talking. Maybe I'll just keep it simple with a few drinks and dancing at the nearest club. Even if I just stay home and watch Sex in the City reruns, it will be a blast. My divorce is coming, and I can't wait!

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