Baby, Its Cold Outside

My latest winter accessories

Who knew that living in Southern Texas meant still having cold winters? I could have sworn when I moved down here that I was escaping all that coat and gloves and three layers business!

Add the weather to my list of reasons why being divorced sometimes sucks. Cold days mean my kids are bouncing off the walls inside. They hate the cold as much as I do, but they did not get my desire to curl up under a blanket and read. Instead they explode all their energy across my living room. It isn't a pretty picture.

Once upon a time, days like these meant I could take the cuddle time, and their father would cover the energy burn-off time. It was a good trade, and worked well for our different personalities. I'm a laid back mom, he was the rough house dad.

Now, things are different. And still the same. The kids still need to run and jump and wrestle. I still need to sip a soy latte with my extra thick socks on. These two things do not mesh well together.

I've tried to find a good compromise with the kids. I'll crank up the stereo and let them dance through the house. Or call out animal names that they have to pretend to be. Unfortunately, they have not liked my idea to race around cleaning the house. Go figure.

I hope spring comes early around here, because I cannot stand this cold weather much longer.

Creative Commons License photo credit: wnstn


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