How I Stay Sexy

Come una donna

Yesterday I ran to the short for a couple last minute Christmas gifts. While I was there, I slipped over to the ladies' department and bought a zebra print bra. For no particular reason.

When I was still married, I didn't feel sexy often. Pregnancy took it's toll on my body, leaving it a lot lumpier and bumpier than it used to be. After a day full of cleaning, cooking, chasing kids, and changing diapers, my sex appeal was out the window.

Now, I'm fighting to get it back. I am still a sexy, young woman. Sure, my curves have curves now, but I can still wear a v-neck sweater like nobody's business. So I tossed all my frumpy undies, and have been replacing them with the kind that look good. Even if there is no one to appreciate me in them, I feel sexy just wearing them.

Sure, I had my post-divorce depression. When I lived in baggy sweatpants and stained t-shirts, certain no one would ever want a used up old woman like me. Then, one day I went to the grocery store, and the cashier flirted with me. Blatantly flirted. That's when I realized that there was some life in these old bones after all.

I bought a pair of jeans that hug my curves, and a blue silk blouse that belts around my waist. And my first pair of leopard print lingerie to wear underneath. And dammit, I felt sexy.

Yesterday I bought the latest in a growing collection of undies and bras that make me feel good. I wear them to pick up the mail, to run to the grocery store, or just to take a walk around the block. Who cares where!

I feel good!

Creative Commons License photo credit: Mangiu


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