My Single Christmas

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When I was married, there were a few things I wanted but never got. It was fine at the time, the art of compromise and all that. Sometimes I couldn't get what I wanted, and sometimes he couldn't.

Not this year.

This year is my first Christmas as a single mom, and I'm thinking I deserve a gift. Something big. Something shiny. Something I always wanted and my ex shot down. Santa knows I've been good.

I have my list narrowed down to three things. 1: My nose pierced. I had it down back when I was wild and crazy in college, but my ex thought it looked trashy. I loved that little flash of silver on my nose, though. 2: A tattoo. There has been a design I have wanted for years. It means something to me. But, like the piercing, the ex called it trashy. Hmmm, maybe I'm seeing a pattern here. 3: Maid service. My house isn't a pigsty, but with one mom and three kids it can get wild. It would be heavenly to have someone come out once a week to help tidy up.

I'm still weighing my options and trying to decide which to get. The excitement of getting myself a gift that I really want this year is almost present enough. Who knew Christmas could be as fun for the adults as for the kids?!

Did anyone else go wild their first Christmas or birthday after the divorce? What did you always want and finally splurge on because you finally could?

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